Since its the first ever Craft Beer Festival in Uxbridge. Here's a quick summary of how it works!


First off, this event is rain or shine, please enjoy responsibly! 


When you arrive at the gate, please prepare for a quick security search and present your ticket along with your ID.


If you are of legal drinking age you will receive your age of majority identification. Feel free to roam the grounds, sample beer/cider/wine/liquor from our vendors and delicious eats from gourmet food trucks. Enjoy the vendor market featuring live art, artisan products and so much more! along with a lineup of entertainment to keep the party going all day long!

All drinks will require 1 token per sample. Extra tickets will be available on-site for $2 along with water and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase. 

When and Where is HitsFest 2019?

Trillium College Uxbridge Craft Beer HitsFest 2019 is on July 13th, 2019 in Elgin Park, Uxbridge. Please enter through the Elgin Park Dr gate. Gates open at 11:00 AM with music starting at 12:00 PM and concluding at 11:00 PM.

Are children allowed inside the festival?

Yes, this is a family friendly event. We will have wristbands identifying age of majority.


Are pets allowed inside the festival?

We would love to meet your pets! Please make sure they’re leashed but ready to party!

I am a Designated Driver, is there a discounted ticket/rate if I am not drinking?

Due to the multiple aspects we will not be offering discounted DD tickets – however, we will explore this for future events.  DD’s are welcome to use their tokens for non-alcoholic beverages for sale from 105.5 Hits FM.

I am not bringing a DD, will there be DD services on-site?

If you need us to call you a drive home service, please ask a staff member.  Please get home safe!

How big is a sample?

Breweries are permitted to serve 5 oz samples of their product.

How many tokens are needed per sample?

Most will require only 1 token per sample.  Some, due to higher cost ingredients, may require 2 tokens.  Vendors will post token rates.

Can I purchase extra tokens?  

Yes, extra tokens will be available for $2 each.

Is there parking near the festival?

Yes! We have a designated parking area you will be directed to by volunteers. Donations towards a local charity would be greatly appreciated..

Is there food and/or non-alcoholic beverages available?

Yes, drinking water, non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available for purchase on-site with your tokens.  Local area restaurants will also be open off-site and we hope will extend deals to beer festival patrons.

Do I need to print and bring my e-ticket if I purchase it online, or can I bring a copy on my phone?

Either will work, but please bring at least one version.  We will have a list of names/ticket numbers at the gate for verification of tickets purchased online.


If you have any questions that are not listed above, please email Taylor at tbursey@1055hitsfm.com